Warren’s campaign team visits Bakersfield


Humberto Chairez, Reporter

Senator Elizabeth Warren’s campaign team held a public forum in Bakersfield at the United Steelworkers building on Feb. 18 to address the community’s growing concerns on local issues.

Humberto Chairez
Senator Elizabeth Warren’s campaign team addressing concerns and issues in the Bakersfield community on Feb. 18.

“We’re trying our best to reach out to the community at the grass roots level,” Maria Martinez, National Engagement Director, said. “In 2016 my parents have been deported to Mexico; my parents were living in the State of New York for over 30 years… I know under a Warren administration that would have never happened to my family.”

During the forum, private detention was the night’s main topic of discussion. Warren’s campaign team said she does not take campaign funds from private detention centers. They added that there is a need to reform the criminal justice system to protect civilians instead of locking up them up.

The campaign team also addressed the concerns of those working in private detention centers. Warren’s plan is to move those jobs from detention centers to environmentally friendly jobs.

They also touched on Warren’s plan as president to decriminalize poverty and address the homelessness issue. Warren’s campaign team said she also wants to restructure the entire ICE agency to bring humanity back into the immigration system to prevent locking up illegal immigrants.

More of Warren’s plans included a Universal Child Care program that would give healthcare to all sick children in the United States within the first 100 days of her presidency.

Warren plans to cancel $50,000 of everyone’s student debt while she is in office and invest 50 million dollars into public school infrastructure. She will also make the first two and four years of public and technical colleges free for students who want a better life, according to the campaign.

Warren was a supporter for the Green New Deal and wants to have net zero emissions by 2030. She also has a Blue New Deal on fighting rising sea levels, cleaning up oceans, and fresh water, the team explained.

All of these memos would be funded by Warren’s wealth tax, a tax plan on charging two cents on every dollar of people’s income of over 50 million dollars.