Trump protestors gather at Airport Drive

Jocelyn Perez, Reporter

Many community members protested the president’s arrival in Bakersfield on Feb.19 along Airport Drive.

Even though several community members protested President Trump and his presence in Bakersfield, Kern County is primarily made up of republican voters.

Among the diverse group of protestors, there was a large group of people who were in their 20s or younger.

Nearly all were occupied holding signs and shouting slogans, protesting the president’s seat in office.

Just a few yards down along Airport Drive from where the large group of protestors were located were the supporters, who in response to the protest, broke out into many disagreements and arguments.

23 ABC news reporter, Tori Cooper, was harshly criticized by a Trump supporter by stating trump supporters weren’t getting enough exposure in contrast to the protestors.

When remarked this, Cooper explained there was already a reporter from 23 covering the supporters in the hangar and also allowed them a chance to voice their opinions on the spot.

A different Trump supporter took this as an offense and threatened to knock the reporter’s camera out of her hand as they were live on Facebook.

“He did not dust himself of his businesses and he is making so much money on the U.S. government by having those people coming in and paying to stay at his Mar-a-Lago…there was a fundraiser that happened at Mar-a-Lago and they spent thousands of dollars all on booze and the American people picked up that tab,” protestor Charlene Costello said.

Other protestors like Rebecca Helton and Charlene Costello did not go only to protest, but to represent their support for other politicians running in the coming elections.

“Kim Mangone for Congress! She is a veteran who is running against Kevin McCarthy, she’s a single mom, and she was in the air force, she’s awesome,” Helton said.

Jocelyn Perez
Protestors Rebecca Helton and Charlene Costello protesting against Trump and supporting other politicians. “Vote Mangone for Congress,” said Rebecca Helton.