Bakersfield is ranked as one of the least educated cities

Marina Gonzalez, Reporter

A public study analyzed that Bakersfield was ranked as number one of the 10 least educated large cities in the U.S.

Bakersfield, along with other cities in California such as Los Angeles and Fresno, were broken down as the top 10 cities with less education, according to a news release by the AdviorSmith study.

The AdvisorSmith study analyzed data from the United States Census Bureau American Community Survey of residents 25 or older, who achieved different levels of education from 511 cities, and Bakersfield was ranked number 244 out of 511, according to their press release.

A mathematics professor from Bakersfield College shared his thoughts on this ranking.

“For me, I’m still doing the same thing,” BC Mathematics Professor Nigie Shi said. “Teaching the knowledge and the subject I’m hired to do here, so it doesn’t really matter to me.”

The study also estimated the number of residents in Bakersfield, ages 25 or older, who have bachelor’s degrees to be 33.1%. Those who have graduate degrees to be 12.0%. This compares with the national average of 35% and 13.1%, according to the AdivsorSmith study.

“The Kern High School District’s graduation rate in 2019 was at 89.8%, higher than the state average at 85.9%,” KHSD Public Information Officer Erin Briscoe said.

Shi also explained how his students, who are struggling with the subject, receive help.

“We’re doing what we can,” Shi said. “We designed programs that help fill in their gaps.”

According to Briscoe, graduation rates in Bakersfield have become higher over the last year, which means that students have achieved some kind of education, or they have received help to achieve their education goals.

Another professor from Bakersfield College, who teaches political science shared some reasons why there are less people getting education.

“Many would-be college students of Kern County may not have had the financial resources to attend a college or university in the past,” BC Professor Ed Borgens said.

Brogens also shared some solutions to help students, who are struggling to get an education at a college or university or struggling to pay for it.

“The continuing expansion of the Tutoring Program as well as the SI Program can help Bakersfield residents to narrow the higher education achievement gap with other cities,” Borgens said.

Students can get a college education with the help off financial aid and special programs in the schools if they are struggling to pay for college and understand a subject.

“I think it has to do with a lot of parents pushing their kids into wanting to go to college,” BC Radiology major Esmeralda Tapia said. “Bakersfield College is a big college and I see a lot of students who come here.”