Kern County COVID-19 relief fund

Mariah Arviso, Reporter

The Kern Community Foundation (KCF) announced, on March 18, that they will be providing a COVID-19 relief fund for non-profit organizations providing care for those in need.  

KCF is known for providing funding to community groups that solely rely on donations as well giving scholarships and grants to student going into college. They were established in 1999 and have raised over 27 million dollars over the past years.  

“Our goal is to support all of our community partners as quickly and efficiently as possible using whatever resources we can gather. Additionally, through this fund, we offer our grant making capacity up to local businesses and community donors,” President and CEO, Kristen Beall Watson, of the Kern Community Foundation said.  

The COVID-19 relief fund was developed to keep Kern County residents stable in these times. All of the funds will be distributed to non-profit organizations and residents that have been economically and medically impacted because of the virus.  

They are accepting any amount of donations at this time. If you wish to donate, go to the Kern Community Foundation website or you may call them and they will help you through the phone.   

“At this time, we have no fundraising goal,” Watson said. “The total amount that we are able to distribute or grant to local nonprofit organizations is entirely dependent on the donations we receive from the community.”