BC officials discuss possibility of reopening

Jocelyn Perez, Reporter

Bakersfield College Faculty discussed new plans for the months coming as well as current adjustments on Tuesday April 14. 

Bakersfield College President, Sonya Christian, stated she and other officials have begun the preliminary thought processes in reopening the BC campuses. After the curve of COVID-19 goes down, precautions will be continued to be practiced by staff and students. 

Protocols taken by all, should be practicing social distancing by trying to avoid large groups. 

Christian described that opening up the physical campuses will be a “hybrid responsibility,” to keep everyone safe as it is asked of the students to take initiative in whether or not they should come back to campus or not. 

Certain students with weakened immune systems or certain diseases face higher risks in being vulnerable to infection and disease. Students who face such circumstances, must take into consideration the responsibility of deciding to come back to campus or not. 

Carla Gard, Associate Dean of the nursing department stated that nursing students joined forces with healthcare professionals at Kern Medical, dignity health, and Bakersfield Heart hospital where they will be receiving course credit for their externship as well as getting paid. 

As students and staff at Bakersfield College continue their efforts to adjust to an online format, there is still a constant obstacle many struggle to overcome, distraction. 

“Pick a space in your home and make it your workspace,” Executive secretary, Lori Ortiz said. 

Ortiz suggested utilizing stuff at home for resources such as finding old notebooks, pens, anything that can be found as resourceful rather than buying stuff at the store. Ortiz also stated to take inventory and make sure of having everything that’s needed to work so there’s no urgency to look for something. 

Denise Mitchell, english professor, also stated that students and employees should go into their workspace with the will of wanting to work. She recommended picking a certain time frame of hours you want to work and be consistent with those hours every workday. 

“It’s not the physical space that matters, it’s the state of mind,” Mitchell said.