BCSGA president-elect possibly linked to hit-and-run

Haley Duval, Editor-in-Chief

Editor Update: July 28, 2022

Edith Mata pleaded no contest to several charges on June 8, 2022. These included hit and run resulting in injury, filing a false insurance claim and false report of a vehicle theft with intent to deceive. On July 28, 2022,  she was sentenced to community service, probation and to pay restitution for the false insurance claim. Mata apologized for her actions in court. During her sentencing the judge mentioned Mata’s efforts, both as a college student and former SGA president at BC. 

After several Bakersfield news outlets reported on April 13 the arrest of a 24-year-old Edith Mata on suspicion of hit and run for a 2019 incident, the Renegade Rip reached out to Mata, president-elect of the BCSGA, to verify if she is the same person. She denied it.

A call to the Bakersfield Police Department confirmed the person in question has the same date of birth listed on Mata’s Facebook page, August 22, 1996, which has since been deleted or suspended.

Bakersfield College was unable to comment on the matter when the Rip reached out.

“As with all educational institutions across the nation, Bakersfield College (BC) is committed to ensuring student privacy which is outlined in the Family Education Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA).  BC is unable to make any comment(s) or statement(s) on any student’s personal information,” the college said in a statement.