Mask mandate compliance concerns on campus

Breonna Zapiain, Reporter

In an email sent out by Bakersfield College Student Government Association President Edith Mata on Nov. 15, 2021, concerns over faculty and staff not properly following COVID-19 protocols were addressed. The email stated, “as Student Government Association President, I have heard from many of my fellow constituents in regards to concerns of a number of faculty and staff not following BC’s COVID-19 protocols.” The rest of the email went over what the current protocols are and continued, “with the end of the semester approaching and the holidays coming up, we must commit to the protocols, each other, and be conscious of our actions and surroundings.” 

The current guidelines state that everyone on campus must wear a mask covering both the mouth and nose when indoors. In addition to mask wearing, the KCCD Health Checker form should be used, and social distancing is encouraged on campus.

Bakersfield College students were the ones to voice these concerns and anyone else who has similar complaints are encouraged to fill out a student complaint form located on the BC website Mata assures that students can also contact a member of BCSGA to speak about any concerns.