BC’s mask update

Collin Acevedo, New's Editor

As of March 8, Bakersfield College has lifted mask requirements on all of its campuses, yet it is still recommended that students and faculty continue wearing masks as the institution strives to move into a post-pandemic lifestyle. 

Bakersfield College recently updated its COVID policies as the state of California sees lower COVID cases and has now slowly begun to loosen restrictions. And Bakersfield College sets its footprints updating its mask protocols within its COVID policies. With masks now no longer being required indoors, there are still exceptions. BC professors are allowed to set their own mask requirements for their individual classes. 

Most students interviewed for this article that was a fair compromise. 

“We can’t wear masks forever,” Nate B. said. “Everyone here is vaccinated, too.” [Editor’s note: while there is a vaccine mandate at Bakersfield College and the majority of people on campus are vaccinated, some may have earned exemptions from the mandates due to medical or religious reasons.] 

With the decision made by the school, it leaves the school in half masquerade ball, with some faces still securely covered and others completely exposed.  

“I’m ok with it. If you don’t wanna wear masks, you don’t wear them,” BC student Jatzibe Urenda said. “And if you do, then you will. It makes everyone happy. It’s a step to going back to normal.” 

When asked about what the teachers say in class, Urenda stated, “They say it’s up to us if we wanna wear the mask or not; they are supportive of whatever we decide on.” 

Both sides of the mask debate are left to choose as some teachers take a laissez faire approach to this continuing situation with COVID.