KCCD gains 50 million in state funding

Anthony Vasquez, Editor-in-Chief

KCCD officially announced a $50 million state allocation at their past ceremonial event on Oct. 5, secured by California State Representative Rudy Salas. The allocation  had been possible through Salas due to the recent budget changes within the state of California. 

The funds are set to go toward a California renewable energy laboratory. The project aims to create many resources for the Kern community through health, economic, and environmental equity. 

KCCD Chancellor Sonya Christian spoke at the press event and stated that the energy program is the next “era” of work for Kern County. 

She said, “Kern county has the right geology to take on a new generation of work for the future. Across the nation, we face issues through power outages, but we must create power resolutions.” She also stated that there is an aim to bring improvements to these issues through the new implementations that will be created through these upcoming projects. 

Salas claims that the investment will also be a huge resource to improve the rural areas that can be found throughout Kern County. 

He stated, “On behalf the state of California, state senate assembly, we are happy to invest $50 million to our rural communities.”

He also added that the funds will help create cleaner transportation which could potentially lead to fewer harmful emissions for the environment.