Operations at BC bookstore

AJ Manalili, Reporter

The Bakersfield College bookstore, which is part of Barnes & Noble College, provides students, workforce, and staff with the fundamental materials to prevail in their scholarly interests. The bookstore staff is devoted to guaranteeing that the store chugs along as expected and that clients are happy with their shopping experience.

Julian Navarette, department manager of general merchandise, explained the basic beliefs and strengths of the store. The staff is required to be dependable, proficient, and deferential to clients.

The bookstore’s concern is to keep an elevated degree of association and neatness in the store. This incorporates keeping the racks supplied, guaranteeing that the place is outwardly organized for shoppers. Management urges the staff to invest heavily in their work and keep an uplifting outlook. Clear communication is additionally crucial for smooth activity.

Mya Martinez, in charge of booksellers, said the administration guarantees high progressions, reaching out and providing updates. It likewise encourages a good and steady workplace where the majority feels esteemed and appreciated. Notwithstanding these pressures, the bookstore needs to manage outside tensions such as high-speed innovative progressions. Workers try to help everyone who comes into the store, offering to provide help and directions. Rental choices, buyback programs and internet requests are parts of the store’s marketing strategies.

The executives carry out an arrangement of ceaseless improvements and consistently surveys the store’s exhibition to recognize regions for development. This assistance guarantees ideal support to the school local area.

Employees are required to observe applicable laws and regulations, this builds the students trust and confidence. The challenge of adopting new technologies, digitally and online orders in a bid to diversify incomes has been very effective.

With the rising population of students and consumers, people who work at the BC bookstore said they are up for the challenge in giving satisfaction to its customers.