BC brings “Ritmo y Sabor” on campus


Anthony Vasquez

Folklorico dance performers dancing one of their traditional dances during the Ariba Norte event.

Anthony Vasquez, Editor-in-Chief

 BC has expanded more programs on the campus these past recent years, and one of these programs is known as the Folklorico program Ritmo y Sabor. The program was created back in Sept. 2022, by advisor Cynthia Zamora, but it wasn’t until last year that they were able to introduce themselves to BC and the community of Kern county. 

Folklorico dancer performs their opening dance at the Ariba Norte show at BC. (Anthony Vasquez)

   Ritmo y Sabor aims on expanding the art of traditional dance that Folklorico is known for. The group focuses on representing the culture that lives through the history of Mexico, and several other regions of the world. Through their representation, they also hope that they could become a safe space of culture for BC students. Their most recent event, Arriba Norte, occurred on Saturday night, Jan. 28, and presented a show that had over 80 dancers perform their choreographed dances alongside other partnered groups that are similar to theirs from Kern county. 

   These different groups of performers ranged from presenting cultural dances and cultural music. One of the groups that were present at the event was a three-girl band, known as “Las Damas Del Valle.” They opened up the event with a few songs that originated from the region of Northern Mexico, that ranged from traditional cumbias to romantic classics, and more. The three band members ranged from the ages of 17 to 19, and they came to support Ritmo y Sabor with their event that night by coming in from Porterville. Yadria Lucatero had said, “We’re here to support Cynthia, with this big beautiful event, and her colleagues.” Other groups such as Teocalli Culture Academy from Fresno, Calif., who came to perform several cultural dances, had also come in to support Zamora and the Arriba Norte event that night.