The historic building that now holds the 18hundred

Amanda Hernandez, Sports Editor

The 18-hundred, a popular American restaurant located in downtown Bakersfield is a favorite amongst many locals.

The restaurant is located inside a historical building on 1800 Chester Ave. which has housed different businesses since 1910 when it was first built. 

The original owners of the 18hundred, Maya and Foti Tsiboukas purchased the building in 2017, and it quickly attracted many customers from all over Bakersfield due to its tasty dishes and aesthetically pleasing look.

The vision of the 18hundred is to offer handcrafted food to customers. (Amanda Hernandez )

In May of 2019, the Tsiboukas told Bakersfield news that they were planning to sell the restaurant due to a family medical issue that caused them to relocate to Los Angeles to get medical treatment for their child. 

However, they never sold the building. In fact, there were many employees that worked for them which kept the restaurant operating.

The original vision the Tsiboukas set in place was to do what is right by bringing high quality ingredients to customers, offer handcrafted foods, and create jobs for individuals in the city.

The word that they used to formulate this idea was the Greek word “Filotimo” which means friend and honor. Through this, they stated, “we wanted to do what was right with hospitality and warmth.”

Today, the menu is a variety of different dishes, milkshakes, drinks and more. Some of the dishes they offer are breakfast burritos, breakfast tacos, chicken and waffles, turkey burgers, brunch burgers, philly cheesesteak, grilled mahi tacos, cobb salads, spaghetti and much more to choose from.

Entrée prices range from ten to twenty dollars which is an affordable option in comparison to many other local American restaurants.

The breakfast sandwich with a side of house made hot sauce. (Amanda Hernandez )

A local who visits the 18hundred often, said “they have a pretty good variety of foods and especially for myself because I am a really picky eater, and I like the options they have.”

Aside from their various dishes, they are quite known for their milkshakes. They have salted caramel, strawberry, oreo, vanilla, and a couple of their own recipes to choose from. The full menu is available online. 

In addition, the restaurant is the perfect place for photo ops, with lit up signs, brick walls, flowers on the tables, and a bar. You will find many customers posing for photos with their milkshakes and friends.

The interior of the restaurant is appealing to the eye. Amanda Hernandez

The whole goal of the 18 hundred was to be more than just a restaurant, the establishment caters to the needs of their customers and continues to do so as they now offer online ordering for pickup as well as gift cards for a friend.

The restaurant seems to be running as well as the owners had planned, and will continue to do so as customers continue to dine in.