Bakersfield faces bipolar weather

Essiah Torres , Reporter

Many people experience more than what they think they do on a daily basis. Which includes a topic called “The Weather”. Our weather here in Kern County can be pretty chaotic in the four different seasons. When you think of winter you think of cold temperatures, when you think of Summer you think of hot temperatures. In Bakersfield we see those two being not eye to eye sometimes due to the weather being BIPOLAR. Most times it would rain heavily during the summer and it would be warm during the winter. To go into detail on how the specific numbers are most of the time , temperatures can reach 115° degrees high and 30° degrees low. 

While Bakersfield has a population of almost 400,000 it still has that small town feel. Bakersfield is not what it seems when seeing the weather forecast. Like even for myself as a well known Bakersfield citizen knows how much he hates seeing how bipolar the weather can be. Most of the time it kills the activities that everyone wants to do. Even when going to L.A. it gets worse. With the heat and the cold tagging along on the road trip it can really be annoying. 

Winds begin to cause the worst way for people to catch a cold. Kern County (Bakersfield) has the second worst air quality for a city in America. Here’s this weeks news to give an example: “Winds were gusting to 40-48 MPH out of the southeast in the South Valley on Friday as the well expected low pressure complex began to move into our region.” This tells us that Bakersfield is gonna be in Hurricane weather for the day. It may continue tomorrow or not but that type of weather can cause schools to shut down and also flood roads even when Bakersfield has terrible traffic in the first place. 

At most times things these days just go on and on to the point that we don’t seem to get annoyed by it as much as we already have when we first wake up. That is what can change the weather’s mood.