New Officers for BC SGA elected for 2023-2024

Anthony Vasquez, Editor In Chief

Newly Elected BCSGA vice president (RIGHT) Amanda Anguiano and elected KCCD student trustee (LEFT) Johanna Guzman (An)

The Bakersfield Student Government Organization held their annual elections on April 17. The filing period for students to vote had opened the same day online through the BC website at 8 a.m. The candidates for the student president elections included Johanna Guzman, who had also ran for KCCD student trustee and Cindy Miranda. For the role of vice president Amanda Anguiano had been the only student that had applied for the position.

Earlier in the elections period last month, Guzman and Anguiano promoted their candidacy throughout the campus with flyers posted in each building, and they had also spent time engaging with students by handing out food and creating events outside the campus breezeway in hopes to educate students and encourage them to vote.

The results of the elections were announced on Thursday April 20, with a total number of 574 votes. For the role of BCSGA president, Miranda was elected, as she obtained a vote of 253, while Guzman received 208 votes. Other votes went into 71 for none of the above, and the other 42 votes were marked unanswered.

Anguiano obtained the role of vice president with 469 votes, and the rest of the votes were casted as 64 for none and 41 unanswered.

When asking the candidates for a comment on their experiences on the elections, Anguiano had stated, “My experience during election time was very nerve racking, I wanted to not only win but get the support of my peers and faculty. Continuing my journey in SGA as Vice President, I would like to focus my attention on not only our main campus but our Southwestt and Delano facilities as well to make sure they are given the proper accommodations and support. I hope to continue what our last vice President has accomplished and much more.”

Guzman, who was elected as student trustee, also responded back with a comment and said, “Running in the 99th session elections for BCSGA has been an absolutely rewarding experience. I was able to connect with many students on campus, where I gained not only their vote but also their trust to best represent their voice and concerns as a student of Bakersfield College. I plan to actively advocate on their behalf for their needs big or small, and furthermore create a greater BC community.”