The Renegade Rip

‘Gade Feedback for Sept. 21, 2001

Benigno Pena

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What is your greatest fear? Why?

Clayton Parker, Computer Information Systems: “My biggest fear is that we are gonna go to war, because of what happened last Tuesday.”

Julie Bensusen, Business: “My biggest fear is the terrorism that’s going on from a different country to ours and just trying to keep us safe.”

Dwight Johnson, Real Estate/Business Administration: “My biggest fear is not being prepared when God comes.”

Frankie Rincon, Computer Science: “War … I feel it’s coming, the third world war because I feel it’s close to home.”

Nick Lidgett, Liberal Studies: “My biggest fear would be flying … I remember flying through a thunderstorm and a bolt of lighting hit the plane.”

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‘Gade Feedback for Sept. 21, 2001