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What else could go wrong?

Jennifer Mills

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Fires, earthquakes, air pollution, a recall election, grocery strikes, a tripled car tax, a limp education budget and an $8 billion deficit — what else can go wrong in California?

Not much. That’s evident by the businesses, jobs and taxpayers California is losing to other states.

California voters know their new governor has a huge task in front of him: To pull the state back out of the abyss.

But at the same time governor elect Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to get the economy roaring, California’s new policies and taxes have forced businesses to find more friendly locations in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada and Arizona.

How can the problems be fixed when the hole keeps getting deeper?

To deliver on his campaign promises, Schwarzenegger would have to repeal the car tax, cut the deficit, expand education spending and not raise taxes, all of which appear to contradict each other. Let’s wish him luck in solving these difficulties when he takes office Nov. 17.

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What else could go wrong?