Logos don’t make the town

Maryann Kopp

There seems to be an awful lot of hubbub over the Bakersfield logo and slogan.
First, the logo was a squiggly line with a dot, said to represent the hills and the sun, somehow completely disregarding all of the brown horizon.
Now, we’re a stupid looking leaf. All the while, we’re proudly sporting the slogan, “Life as it should be.”
All I have to say about it all is who really cares?
Ultimately, no one who comes to visit Bakersfield is going to come because they thought we had some amazing logo.
If they honestly think they’re going to experience “life as it should be,” then all I can say is I hope they’re used to being disappointed.
The truth of it all is that people don’t go to visit a certain place just because it has some lame logo or slogan and they certainly won’t remember it when they’re gone.
In fact, I think they will more than likely remember being cut off in traffic and being flipped off for no reason.
They will probably also remember the shoppers at Wal-Mart who would rather punch their own grandma in the face than be polite.
Or the fact that their children suffered from breathing complications due to whatever happens to be in our air during their stay.
And why does Bakersfield even need a slogan and symbol? Are we experiencing some sort of identity crisis? Do we think it’s going to put us on the map?
Watch out, L.A., you’ve got “Life as it should be” and leaves all up in your face. Take that!
It’s just not that important. Or at least, I don’t think it is.
Then I heard about people who actually took the time out of their short, precious lives to organize a freaking protest against the squiggly lines and lame words.
Really, what is wrong with you people? I know there isn’t much to do in Bakersfield, but are you really that bored?
I’m going to turn into my mom for a second and ask: Why don’t you take all of that energy you have and do something good?
Go walk your dog or clean your house or something, just so long as you keep your ridiculousness to yourself. Bakersfield is chock full of that and doesn’t need anymore.
When people drive by and see you waving some home made sign that says something brilliant like “LIFE AS IT SHOULDN’T BE,” they aren’t thinking, “Wow, what a well rounded individual. Perhaps I can be like them someday.”
They’re thinking, “Get a job, hippie, before I throw a soda can at you.” We are still in Bakersfield, after all.
How anyone could honestly care about all of this is seriously beyond me.
I guess issues about violence and pollution and poverty are too overdone, so we have to move on to the stuff that really gets the blood pumping. Frankly, there are bigger fish to fry in Bakersfield.
To some, we must not seem lame enough just yet. Good job helping us seem even more inbred to the world.
Since everyone wants to put in their two cents about this stupidity, I figure I might as well offer mine, while we’re on the subject.
I think the logo should be true to our roots. I want to see a logo with Buck Owens riding on a jalopy into a brown sunset, complete with rainbow. And I want the slogan to be similar to a popular saying, only slightly modified to, “Jesus may love you, but Bakersfield thinks you’re a jerk. Git!”
Dare I say perfect? I dare.