Challenger for Moss’s throne approaches

Chrystal Fortt, Features Editor

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The ’90s were known for the grunge-style “heroin chic” and we have Kate Moss to thank for that.

Moss became a new fashion model/icon somewhere in between walking in John Galliano’s first fashion show in Paris and becoming the new face of Calvin Klein advertisements.

At the dawn of her career, she wasn’t just another supermodel on the rise.

A curvaceous bombshell like Cindy Crawford was the definition of supermodel until Moss came along; she was only 5 feet 7 inches with her boy-like figure.

She has grown a spectacular career over the years, but it might be coming to an end.

I think she might be gradually and quietly leaving her career behind.

I’ve noticed she hasn’t been taking on many fashion campaigns lately.

It’s not because she’s 37 years old. We all know she still has the looks to keep going.

But maybe it’s because she’s been planning a wedding, getting married, and wants to have a family life.

However, we’ll still see Moss around here and there, but the question is: who is the new Kate Moss now?

Do we even have a Kate Moss that marks our time of fashion?

I’m thinking the answer is “no, not quite yet.”

Although, I have a few models in mind that have promising careers.

I naturally want to say Freja Beha Erichsen will have a modeling career like Moss because she is my favorite model right now.

She even has the same boyish figure and the grunge style as Moss did when she first started.

Erichsen can be dramatically versatile.

One moment she can look like a badass in the Jill Stuart 2011/12 campaign and one moment she can look like a sweet stay-at-home mom like in the Harry Winston 2010 advertising campaign.

The problem with Erichsen is that she hasn’t started her own signature look.

Also, unlike Moss, no matter what persona Erichsen takes on, you can still tell it’s her.

I just don’t think Erichsen can pull off the fashion icon like Moss because she can’t look drastically different like Moss.

Karlie Kloss on the other hand is just as versatile as Freja Erichsen and can look completely different like Moss.

She is very much different than Moss as far as looks and style.

Kloss is known for her green eyes, classic look, and her tall height at six feet.

Kloss has been all over the magazines, particularly in Vogue magazine.

I think Kloss has a more promising career than Erichsen.

Erichsen is 23 years old and she started her career around age 17.

Kloss is only 19 years old and  started at the age of 13 years old.

Kloss is much younger, taller and started earlier in her career.

I think Kloss has the capability to make herself a huge name in fashion history.

However, if Kloss doesn’t soon make a significant style for herself like Moss has done, then she will never be iconic like Moss.


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