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COLUMN: This autumn stay warm and stylish

Chrystal Fortt, Features Editor

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It always becomes really cold the day before Halloween.It’s the worst time to wear cute skimpy outfits and it’s probably the last time you’ll wear something like that till June.

You purchase an entire new winter wardrobe or you can plan on wearing your spring clothes if you want to freeze.

If there’s a will not to spend money and to keep wearing spring clothes in the winter, there’s a way.

Luckily, almost everything in your closet that you have from spring and summer can be made into a winter outfit.

Sometimes we forget that the winter season always has extra elements every season like scarves, gloves, and boots.

Those extra things alone can automatically help transform a spring outfit turn into a winter ready outfit.

Try buying extra accessories that are autumn colors like burnt orange, emerald green, and dark brown.

These colors can become a neutralizing color to the bright colors of spring clothing.

Also, when trying to make spring clothes look warmer, buy extra layers.

If you have a pair of suede summer shorts, add opaque tights with a pair of boots.

If you have a great summer blouse you love, add warmth by adding a vest over a cardigan.

Adding more and more to an outfit always makes an outfit look ready to fight the cold weather.

In case you are more simple and don’t want to look like the Olsen twin’s overly layered dumpster dive look, there are simple ways to look warm by adding certain material.

Fur is such a huge trend for the winter; you can’t go wrong with buying a bulky fur coat to throw over any outfit.

For something that’s a little less bulky, get a dark-colored fur vest to throw over a long or short sleeve shirt.

Warm bottoms isn’t really a hard thing to get. A good pair of jeans are really versatile and go with just about anything.

However, everyone has jeans and that isn’t quite a groundbreaking trend.

To be a little different and add originality, buy ‘70s pleated gaucho-style pants.

They can be worn with pretty much any kind of top.

The great thing about gaucho-style pants is they’re comfortable and come in all sorts of colors; they can be plain black or fuchsia pink.

Boots are always comfortable just like gaucho style pants, which is one of the greatest things about the winter season.

The only thing is that everyone wears black and brown boots.

Try to take on the trend of livening up color for the winter, use forest green, dusty rose, or maroon.

Extra pieces that can add on to a wardrobe are gold bangles or leather wrap-around bracelets.

Chunky jewelry as bracelets or necklaces really aligns with the trends.

To complete an outfit and for that extra hint of warmth, you can add a hat.

Floppy hats of pretty much any material work, but tweed in particular is pretty popular.

Tweed on pants, coats, tops, and accessories is really warm.

Since tweed looks warm it’s acceptable to wear tweed shorts.

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COLUMN: This autumn stay warm and stylish