Bathroom of Horrors

Bathroom of Horrors

The space one sees from a stall when toilet paper used.

Patricia Rocha, Reporter

My first semester at Bakersfield College, I had a three-hour break between classes every day.

While many people would have used that time for studying or having lunch with friends, I took the opportunity to sleep in the library.

I enjoyed many naps across from the circulation desk, and aside from the occasional round of people watching and the “Is anyone sitting here?” question, I was never directly interrupted.

The only times I ever needed to get up from my library nap nook was to use the restroom. This is where the incident occurred.

In case you’ve never had the pleasure of using one of the first four women’s restroom stalls in the library, let me paint you a picture.

On first glace, it’s like any other facility: toilet, paper holder, door, lock, and purse hook.

But upon closer inspection, the wall of the stall itself has two medium-sized  cutouts, where the toilet paper holders and garbage can is hung.

For a while, I never questioned this architectural design, because if the toilet paper rolls are new, there is no gap in the wall.

However, after one of my many naps, I went to use the first stall in the restroom. I did what one does in the restroom and reached for the toilet paper roll.

Unbeknownst to me, the woman in the stall next to me reached the roll a half a second after I did and snatched the toilet paper literally right out of my hand.

I was astonished to say the least. What does one do in this situation exactly?

Politely proclaim to eerily quiet toilet user next to me, “Oh, excuse me, that was mine?”

I think not.

I just sat there with my flabbergasted face, sporting Zooey Deschanel-sized eyeballs and mouth silently miming “OH MY GAWD.”

I waited until I heard her leave before I used the roll and finished my business.

When I did so, I noticed the gaping hole in the supposedly private stall.

When the roll is short, there is enough room to see directly into the other stall.

I realized this woman could have simply leaned over and we could have had a face-to-face conversation!

I’ve heard of the whole “women using the restroom together” thing, but this is a step too far.

I suddenly wondered if this is how men feel at side-by-side urinals.

Surely BC has more tact than to make their female students use such a restroom.

Women shouldn’t have to drape TP over large holes in the wall to have a little privacy.