Great dining and prices

Great dining and prices

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Alana Garrett, Reporter

Chef’s Choice Noodle Bar is the perfect choice for your next date or dinner.

Bakersfield’s downtown is filled with shops, art galleries, bars, clubs and businesses that provide entertainments for many crowds. Bakersfield’s downtown is also home to many restaurants like Chef’s Choice Noodle Bar, a Thai restaurant located on the corner of 19th and Eye Street.

Chef’s Choice Noodle Bar at first glance doesn’t seem like a very decent restaurant from the outside, but when you walk in you will be surprised. The inside has a dimly lit setting that gives the restaurant a romantic feel. The tables were roomy, wooden, candle-lit with small white plates on them. The hostess greeted me with a kind smile and led me to a table immediately.

The booth I sat in was spacious and comfortable, but felt private enough for two people on a romantic date.  The waitress arrived with a smile and dropped off two glasses of water with lemon. She was nice and offered to take my order right away if I was ready.  After my order was taken and I waited for my entrée I listened to soft music that played in the background. The songs were some of my personal favorites such as Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours” and Adele’s “Someone Like You.”

When my entrée, the glass noodles with chicken arrived I was very satisfied with my choice. The noodles were fried to perfection and had plenty of delicious vegetables that added flavor. The chicken was both tender and juicy with the right amount of seasoning. The food looked mouth watering and was well displayed on the plate. After I was done I decided to order the Mochi ice cream quartet that included the flavors strawberry, mango, chocolate and green tea.

All the flavors were displayed perfectly on the white plate drizzled with different sweet sauces that went well with the Mochi ice cream. When the dessert was finished and the check arrived I was actually surprised that the bill was less than I expected. For two entrees and a dessert the price was about $26. I would recommend that couples and singles alike go and try out Chef’s Choice Noodle Bar.

The service, food and even prices are great. Chef’s Choice Noodle Bar is even planning a special Valentine’s Day event that includes a champagne toast and a rose.  If you’re looking for a special place for your date head down to 19th Street to Chef’s Choice Noodle Bar.