Tutoring Center complaint is without merit

Joy L. Wheat, BC Student



If there was an unbridled party in the Tutoring Center, I didn’t get the invite.

Being a former tutor, I feel compelled to address a Letter to the Editor published Feb. 27 concerning favoritism among tutors, a “no-talking” rule and tardiness, tutees and double standards.

Let us first consider the least favorite overworked tutor versus the favorite tutor. All tutors are required to spend a certain number of lab hours at the center whether a session is scheduled or not. If a tutee is not scheduled, then tutors help the coordinator with clerical tasks or they do homework.

I never witnessed any kind of favoritism or ranking system. There were only new tutors, returning tutors and an in-house tutor.

A no-talking rule in the center doesn’t seem feasible. Tutors must converse with tutees. It is a tutoring center, not a library.

Concerning tutee tardiness and double standards, understanding the importance of time management helps the tutee become a self-sufficient student. Being on time for scheduled appointments is part of that process.

As to the part-time coordinators propensity for tardiness, I wonder if the letter writer has an inside track on work schedules or is she just making assumptions?