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    LeahJul 12, 2013 at 3:00 am

    Too bad there’s PLENTY of homosexual males and females that get bullied and discriminated today. You claim to be a reporter, but you’ve never heard of anything that goes against homosexuals? The word “gay”, while it has been accepted as word to describe a homosexual, it is OFTEN used as an insult over frivolous things. They have commercials against it with famous actresses and comedians, yet you claim that there is no issue? They made a commercial about it. You are obviously too ignorant over the field to properly give an opinion about it. Learn your facts before you decide to assume that gay people do not endure any sort of pain while their have been children suicides over getting brutally bullied over it. Congratulations, you’re a reporter that doesn’t keep up with current issues or events at ALL.

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