What are we doing in the restroom, ladies? Eating, sleeping and talking?


Elizabeth Fernandez

The women's restroom in the Campus Center is one of the most used at BC.

Trina Goree, reporter


Where one relieves oneself is usually a topic best left unsaid, but I feel the time is way overdue to discuss, or at least share, my views regarding the women’s restrooms on campus.

I must begin with the women’s restroom in the Admission and Records building. This restroom is extremely outdated and is an eyesore to any women unfortunate enough to have to use it. I can only imagine the horridness that must consume the men’s facility, which is located in the same realm as the women’s restroom.

I think it a travesty that any new potential student beginning a journey at Bakersfield College has to endure these awful restrooms, especially the women’s. This building, restrooms included, are the gateway to the BC experience and the restrooms in that building question the school’s priority in regard to restrooms appearances and functions.

Another restroom on my radar is the women’s restroom in the Campus Center foyer leading to the cafeteria. That restroom has become a hub for women to sleep, do school work, and engage in the despicable act of eating while other women defecate and urinate.

The need or reason to do this is beyond me. I get, “I’m tired, it’s been a long day” thing, but that is what the beautiful lawns on campus are for. Get under a tree and get out of the restroom! The sleeping through all of that noise related to reliving oneself, while using lack of sleep as a valid excuse to snooze, is absurd.

Also, attention women, all meals should be eaten on some form of a table and at all cost avoid any room that possibly resembles a restroom. This is for your own safety. There are thousands, if not millions, of unwanted particles in the air that one does not want to ingest along with a meal. At least I hope so.

I know it possibly sounds as if I’m completely disgusted with all the restrooms on campus. This is not the case. There are lovely restroom facilities, but they’re just few and far between. These beautiful restrooms can be found in the Library, MS Building, and the newly opened SPARC building. Ladies, if you can hold it, I would seek these facilities.

My last concern is an issue the transgendered women face on campus. When a transgendered woman does not have the wherewithal to brave the looks of dismay one sometimes encounters when entering the women’s restroom, that community is forced to use one of two unisex restrooms on campus, which are located on the same side of campus, making it difficult to alleviate oneself.

What is worse is that these unisex restrooms inadvertently “out” the transgendered women who use these facilities. This restroom issue is still a double edge sword for transgendered students.