Republicans get their chance to take the reigns

James Macias, Reporter


The Republican Party is firmly in control of Congress following the recent midterm elections. Finally, we have an atmosphere in which our legislature can no longer complain that it’s impossible to get anything done.

So-called “partisan politics” has been a common scapegoat of our leadership for far too long. With any luck at all, we can finally expect to see serious action taken on issues that too often get ignored in favor of problems, which are by their nature insoluble.

Frankly there are serious problems in our world that we can’t fix. Things like world peace and starving African refugees. No matter how many laws you make people will still fall through the cracks of our society and languish in poverty and hopelessness.

Finding these kinds of answers is a job for a think tank or a laboratory, a church or a philosophical institution, even a hospital not our senate. Our Congress needs to be addressing practical solutions to identifiable problems and serving the common welfare of our nation.

When things like funding and basic security are still in the to-do column, it is irresponsible to waste time discussing how we feel about it or what we should do to make ourselves feel better.

With one or the other party in control of Congress real headway can be expected but with Republicans in control there will be progress toward a more stable and robust atmosphere for all.

The economy will flourish and our military will be funded while our freedom to define our lives and ourselves by our own terms will be increased.

Historically our government operates well when Congress is controlled by a majority of the opposing party to our president.

For example, during Bill Clinton’s first two years in office, the Democratic Party had a majority in both the House and the Senate. Despite this, little real progress was made on any front.

However, halfway into his first term, a midterm election delivered a polar shift in party control and suddenly things started to get better leading to Clinton’s subsequent re-election and ultimately to one of the largest periods of growth and prosperity our nation has ever experienced.

Shockingly, things seem to run less efficiently if one party is in control of all three branches of Capitol Hill.

In a couple of years there will be a presidential election in which the first serious female candidate in the history of our nation will hopefully run for president. If Hillary Clinton successfully ascends to our highest office while a republican majority remains in our congress we may find ourselves in the most pleasant era our nation has enjoyed yet this century.

Her experience and enthusiasm combined with a conservative congress willing to work in concert with each other and her charisma will be exactly what we all need.

This mix of liberal leadership and conservative balance on the part of the legislature is a very under-rated American institution that never gets any attention and hopefully continues to serve us into the foreseeable future.

In the meantime, while our current president rides out his term as a lame duck, it will be essential for the present leadership to work hard on developing a strong platform from which to launch the rest of the 21st century.

I don’t personally know how seriously any specific Republicans is taking this line of thought right now but as time passes and these events become clearer on the horizon, I think an atmosphere of anticipation will begin to roll in and may serve to inspire them all to see things the way I do.