Cheaper way to buy books


Students wait in line inside the Bakersfield College bookstore on campus during the first week of the school semester.

Amber Hayden, Online Editor

With school back in full swing, students like myself have to wait in the endless line in the bookstore to purchase books.

It is becoming a longer wait in line just to get a couple of books, and then the prices seem to be increasing with each semester. But now it seems there has been several alternative ways in either renting the book or buying it for the semester.

Not only are students taking the incentive to sell their books personally via postings in the Campus Center or on Craigslist, you can find them on Amazon as well. These usually are used and not always in the best of conditions when you get them.

Now in some of my own searching, I found alternate ways of finding the books we need for classes as well as even comparing prices for them.

Google Chrome has a new plugin that compares prices from our bookstore here on campus with different sites such as Amazon and Chegg. This is a great tool but if you don’t have Google Chrome on your personal laptop or desktop computer, the plugin does you no good.

Other ways I found were through different websites such as eCampus and Slugbooks.

On eCampus you are able to rent and buy books just like you can at the bookstore on campus, but they are cheaper than the bookstore is to do either. With Slugbooks you can purchase, rent, and sell your books on their website, which for students is a plus.

So the question remains. Is it still worth the waiting in line at the bookstore to get your books or look to an alternative way?

Personally, the less time I have to wait in line to get my books, as well as getting them cheaper is a plus. College students can always use a cheaper way to purchase their books considering how expensive everything has become for us.