Step aside men, let the women show you how it’s done

Amber Hayden, Online Editor

When the word gamer is heard in society, most, if not all people automatically think that you are referring to a guy.

But guess what people, 52 percent of the gaming population is actually females, and with each year the percentage increases.

Most of my friends who are girls, I will admit don’t exactly play games, but several of my friends and I do. And we personally think we are just as good if not better than a lot of the guys we play against.

Unfortunately though, when you play against a guy and you beat him they tend to have a fit and start threatening you. I just sit there going, “Wait what?”

At times it tends to be a bit funny though with some of the things they say because they think they are scaring us as female gamers, but guess what boys. You are just fueling the fire of the female gamers to work and try harder to beat you every single time.

I’m not saying that guys suck when they play a video game or anything, but what I’m saying is they tend to be sort of whiney if they lose against women.

I won’t say that when we win against a guy we don’t tend to get a little excited about it. When you hear a person saying, “Suck it,” on the game, 95 percent of the time it is a female saying it.

It’s only because we feel like we have to be aggressive against the guys, and our only way to do so is to make the comments that most guys say.

Be it an explicit word or just telling a guy to grow the hell up and get over his self and that girls are just as good as they are.

The world of gaming is always changing and now some creators are trying to make a game that females are going to like playing.

Like Lollipop Chainsaw, great game as it was, it was far too short of a game. The best part was when the main character was walking around and her boyfriend’s head was clipped to her hip. PRICELESS!

But my personal preference happens to be anything that is an RPG and you’re able to compete against all the guys who think we are no good.

Then proceed to beat them and listen to the complaining begin, all the while I am laughing as they cry because they just got beat by a girl.

It tends to make my day when this happens; I personally don’t find it insulting as more so funny. These guys need to get a grip on themselves it’s not like we are personally trying to beat them, well ok maybe we are, but we are just trying to prove we are good enough to play against them.

So here is my final thought on all of the hub bub on guys getting worked up over females gaming, get used to it or don’t. Either way female gamers are here to stay.