Bakersfield living: good or bad?

Mason J. Rockfellow, Reporter



When I tell people I’ve been living in Bakersfield for the last 14 years, they ask me how the hell do I live in a town with nothing to do? Now I’ll tell you how.

Bakersfield is a great place to live and has a lot to offer its residents and tourists from gorgeous weather to a wide variety of food and restaurants, professional sports teams, a community college and a California State University. Plus, it is easily in driving distance from L.A. and the Pacific Ocean.

Bakersfield has great weather pretty much year-round. Fall and winter tend to be short, while spring and summer tend to come early. Summer definitely dominates the majority of the year, leaving more than enough hot weather to go for a swim, bike ride, run or just barbecue with some friends and kick back a couple of local Lengthwise beers.

Lengthwise Brewing Company is one of Bakersfield’s local microbreweries/restaurant with three locations spread across town. Lengthwise Brewing Company is one of my favorite places to go mingle with friends and have a couple beers.

Buck Owens Crystal Palace is a major tourist attraction for Bakersfield and sure does bring in the country folks. If you like live country music, good old country memorabilia, dancing and good food, then Buck Owens Crystal Palace is the place for you to be. If your stomach is in the mood for something a little more foreign, then Bakersfield has it covered. You can pretty much find anything ranging from authentic Mexican restaurants to small Korean barbecue joints and pho. Don’t forget the all-so-popular restaurants such as Panera Bread, P.F. Chang‘s, California Pizza Kitchen and Elephant Bar; Bakersfield pretty much has it all.

If you want to watch sports, well, the Bakersfield Condors (hockey), Blaze (baseball), and Jam (basketball) schedules all complement each other so you can year-round.

Bakersfield also is the home to two great colleges. Bakersfield College is our community college, so if you’re looking to snag an AA or your just looking to learn a trade, well, Bakersfield College provides that. If you are looking to further your education even after attending a community college or you want to jump right into the four year experience to snag a BA, MA, or PH.D, then CSUB is also available right across the way from the Lengthwise Brewing Company at the Marketplace in southwest Bakersfield, the perfect place to wind down after some heavy studying or final exams.

Bakersfield is located a little over two hours east from Pismo Beach. Pismo Beach has seafood restaurants, such as Splash Café who is known for their clam chowder and we cant forget about the sand dunes, where people with motorcycles, quads, sand-rails and big trucks like to play around in the sand.

Don’t forget that Bakersfield is also only two hours away from L.A., where Hollywood is and much more. Plus, let’s not forget about the happiest place on earth, Disneyland.