Roomates: a problem or a solution?

Mason J. Rockfellow, Reporter



I don’t believe in roommates.

Sharing one bathroom with roommates is not pleasing to the eye or the nose. This becomes much worse with the more roommates you end up with, men or women. There is always going to be that roommate or two who just doesn’t want to clean the bathroom, and someone ends up cleaning it all the time because they can’t stand it any more. There’s that roommate that takes 15 minutes to go the bathroom, and then you get in there and it smells like death, plus, the toilet paper roll is fresh out.

The kitchen is a place where it gets messy, so clean up the mess that you make, no one wants to clean up a mess that’s not their own. At least wash your dish off and run the garbage disposal.

Then there’s that roommate who leaves food out on a plate and it crusts onto the plate overnight or leaves leftovers in a pan to spoil and crust up, especially when it was the pan you plan cooking with at that very moment.

The crusted food on the plate might be bearable sometimes, but leaving the leftovers to spoil, come on, there is a reason for roommates in the first place, to split the cost of rent and save money, not waste more money on food.

With school and work thrown into the mix, it can get a little more complicated. There’s a high chance your roommates will not have the same school, work or sleep schedule that you do.

For instance, you’re studying for a midterm or writing a paper that’s worth a good percentage of your grade, and your roommates are out in the living room drinking with their friends, playing loud music, watching movies and playing video games, and just plain being distracting. That’s not going to help your concentration and neither is your roommates coming in every hour to ask if you’re ready to join the party.

Let’s add all of those same situations to while your trying to go to bed. This doesn’t seem like it’s the way to go, especially if you work a shift that demands you to start your day earlier than 5 p.m.

Now it’s time to pay the rent, and a roommate doesn’t have part of the rent, the cable bill, and who knows what else. Well let’s see, most likely you’ll have to cover the missing part of the rent, your roommate will probably eat your food you left in the fridge from the leftovers you saved so they wouldn’t spoil, and probably won’t clean the plate after their done. By the time you get to the bathroom, it will not be clean, the toilet paper will be gone and your hand soap will be empty.

My opinion is you’re better off not having a roommate and getting a small studio apartment, where you pretty much live in one room and just have to worry about yourself.