Roomates: a problem or a solution?

Trina Goree, Reporter


I live for a roommate.

There are so many benefits from living with others; my thoughts are tumbling over one another in an effort to get everyone out. I have lived in many different living environments in my short life, maybe a hint to the free spirit I am.

The most epic moments and experiences have been life spent with roommates. I believe, the more the merrier.

I have lived with one roommate at a time to the not-so-common 10 roommates at a time. Ten individuals, including myself, can be challenging but never regrettable.

Life can tend to get a bit mundane. For individuals such as myself, whether it’s social butterflies, drama queens, busy bodies, adventurers, and the ever-popular life of the party individuals, this will simply not do.

To eliminate the rigors of boredom, we tend to flock together. Room-mating is the perfect solution to our problems. When living with others, life is never basic or ordinary. There will always be something going on and a fire needing to be put out. That is when room-mating is the ultimate living situation. There is a house full of helping hands and minds ready to aid oneself with anything and everything at all times.

Roommates often become more than someone contributing to bills and shelter; roommates become one’s second family. For those with difficult immediate family situations, roommates even become one’s main family. Roommates are there for one another, not only for all the awesome times, but can be counted on when one is in a state of crisis.

When living with a roommate, one is able to do what you want when you want. You do not have to deal with parents’ disapproval of everything one does or does not do. This, in itself, makes rooming with others ideal. Sometimes when living at home as an adult, it gets challenging, especially when one wants independence, but the family treats that person like a child, whether it is curfew or noise restrictions after certain hours.

These and many other factors result in individuals moving out of the family home. Room-mating helps cut the cost of independent living. It also gives oneself all of the benefits of an independent lifestyle.

Having roommates also cuts the cost of many other aspects of the independent individual. For instance, one’s wardrobe can double, triple, or quadruple, according to the number of roommates living with each other. Room-mating individuals can spend more on quality clothing and still have an extended wardrobe. Winning!

Good eats is also a perk to room-mating. There are different food pallets, which mean tons of options when it is mealtime. It is like eating at a daily buffet. When cooking meals are rotated between roommates, housemates get food cooked and served to them just like dining at restaurants. Also roommates tend to have care packages and food baskets given to them by family, which frees up money to be spent elsewhere or saved for us logical ones.