Tattoos ink deeper than skin


Amber Hayden, Online Editor



When we see people in society with tattoos there is always a stigma in our minds that “the person is all kinds of bad.”

But the thing is, this is not the case with most people out there with tattoos. If I include myself with the many people I know with tattoos, we are all fairly normal, all things considered.

Many of my friends are tattoo artists and we have sat and discussed how funny it is that people think we are horrible beings or even gang members.

Have any of you with that thinking ever thought to come up to us and actually talk to us? Or even thought maybe, just maybe, we are normal people looking for a way to express ourselves.

I’ve always found tattoos to be a form of expression, and also an art form. The art being what the tattoo artist creates and the expression is how every tattoo is unique in its own way.

People have a right to explore themselves and express who they are in their own way. So why is it when someone has a tattoo we automatically get tossed in to this group of troublemakers?

I’ve watched as people will purposely take a wide step around someone who has a full sleeve tattoo on his arm simply because they are so afraid of us.

We aren’t horrible people; we work just like everyone else. But most the time you would never be able to tell because in a working environment we opt to cover the tattoos out of respect for our employers.

Who’s to say when you go in to see your doctor or your lawyer that he doesn’t have tattoos, but they are just covered up so their patients or clients don’t see them.

My suggestion to those that are judgmental of us with tattoos, look inside yourself, because the only one who is even close to doing something wrong is you, for judging us.

I’ve never had any problems talking to anyone about any of the 10 tattoos I have simply because I express myself in them, and all of them have meaning to me.

Yeah do they cost a pretty penny, when I go to get a tattoo. Sure, but that is only because I’m paying for someone I trust to tattoo a permanent mark on me that I get to live with.

I’m not going up to some random person and saying, “Hey you come with me I’m going to force you into this.”

Not once have I ever done that, and I don’t think it would really work out. If someone gets a tattoo then that is on them and you can bet I’ll be asking why, just to see if it holds some deep meaning to them.

Society is forever changing it seems and people need to realize that what we do as a person doesn’t affect how we treat people.

There are far worse people out there then myself or others included for society to focus on.