The mentally draining idea of marriage


Hugo Jauregui

Rhiannon Stroberg, Reporter

Every girl dreams of her perfect wedding. Well, every girl except me. I’ve never really liked the idea of marriage simply because I have witnessed plenty of failed marriages, and I am not necessarily sure that I want to be bound to one person for the rest of my life.

Isn’t love enough? Why is it necessary in society’s standards to marry the person you love or the person you have a child with?

There are so many questions that plague my puzzled mind in regards to this specific topic. A headache usually follows after my thought process runs through the advantages and disadvantages of marriage.

The main issue about marriage that I absolutely hate is the process of ending one. Divorce — as I understand — is a difficult situation for both spouses, especially if there is no prenuptial agreement involved.

Also, when you marry someone, your credit is shared with theirs and once you file for divorce, it can put a slight damper on your credit which is incredibly devastating if you are looking to rent or buy another house after the divorce is complete.

When I was younger and naive, marriage seemed very idealistic for me. At the time, I was beyond head over heels for my boyfriend, Daniel Flores, and I wanted so desperately to be his bride.

When I was reflecting on my old posts on Facebook, I stumbled across a post in which I expressed my wants to be married to Daniel by saying, “I can’t wait to be his blushing bride.” After reading that, I became extremely embarrassed about my past self’s desperation to be married, especially since I am completely against it now. It’s bothersome that I was so ignorant about the now taboo topic. I am most certainly too young to make such a hasty decision that I believe to be life changing and life consuming.

There’s a reason why most marriages end in divorce. It is physically and mentally draining to even think about wanting to live a never-ending repetitive life with one person. I am all about excitement and adventure and there seems to be nothing exciting and adventurous about being bound to one person for life.

I am not saying that marriage is bad for everyone; I am basically saying that marriage to me seems very depressing and unrealistic.

It seems to be such a cliché to marry someone just because you have a child with him or her. Isn’t having a child with someone binding enough?

I’m sure with time, I might change my mind, but for now, I strongly believe that marriage is a death sentence I am perfectly fine with by not having my life being categorized and defined by a piece of paper.