Women at fault for their inferiority

Marcus Castro, Reporter

For many decades, men have been at fault for women’s inferiority, but women are at fault as well.

When it comes to the feminism movement and women’s advancement in society, people say that women have made it far. The reality is, women haven’t made it nearly as far as they need to.

One of the reasons that men are at fault for women’s subjugation is that men have controlled near all of history. Through this, men have preset women’s societal roles as the lower sex of humanity.

This is a problem, but the problem is also at the fault of women because they accept the inferiority that has been set for them by men.

Women lack organization in society as they are spread around among men. There are areas in society that they are together, but when it comes to getting together for something that will effectively partake in trumping their inferiority, they are not together in an organized fashion.

The definition of femininity makes women be perceived as weak; it makes women believe they must put their beauty before their brains because that is the only way they can get a man and be taken care of.

Women have been trained through their childhood to believe this definition of femininity through the toys they are given and the roles they are taught by the roles they grow up seeing.

Most girls play with toys that involve them cooking, nurturing, cleaning, and applying make-up. This teaches them from an early age that these are their roles.

Women cover their identity with make-up because they believe that their natural self isn’t good enough to expose. The fact that women are accepting of this by still using make-up shows that they constitute their inferiority.

Until women stop accepting and constituting their inferiority, they will continue to be inferior, and I one day hope to see women fighting against their subjugation as a whole.