The Los Angeles teacher’s strike ends with reform

Amy Sarmiento, Reporter

Teachers and educators throughout the Los Angeles public school district went on strike in earlier in January, impacting about 500,000 students and their families.

Teachers sought to improve students’ overall education by demanding that the district hire more school staff, decrease class size, and provide higher wages. Many argued this affected the current students’ education and caused many parents to stay home to watch their children. The governor, Gavin Newsom, was against this strike as well.

However, this strike, which ended with an agreement on Jan. 22, was very necessary and progressive in order to create a reform on education in California and eventually the rest of the country.

With smaller class sizes, students will have a better learning environment and have more one-on-one time with their teachers. This allows for better control management for the teachers in classrooms and a decrease in noise volume and disruptions from big groups of children. Currently, the majority of class sizes are up to 45 students for one teacher, which may cause more distractions and smaller attention spans.

Schools should also provide their students with more support staff such as nurses and counselors. Students will have more aid available when they need it and will feel free to approach for help when needed, especially with the rise of bullying and lack of care for mental health.

Teachers demanded a raise in salary to a reasonable amount. They need more acknowledgment for the impact they have on students’ lives. The amount of work teachers put into their students’ education is extraordinary and often goes unrecognized or valued.

Educators made a bold decision to leaving their work and put all of their schedules on hold until their demands were met in order to make a stance on what they believe in. They set a great example for their students and for the public by speaking up and making a difference in their community.

Though it is over, this strike is sure to leave an impact or inspire California’s public schools and hopefully the rest of the country.