Op-ed: NFL Honors Awards

Angel Magdaleno, Reporter

The NFL celebrated its 2019 – 2020 season on Feb. 1 with its annual NFL Honors awards in Miami, Fl. The NFL Honors awards is where the NFL’s best players come together and celebrate the outstanding year the season’s best players had.

Over the weeks prior to the awards night, players were given ballots to vote for their pick on players of the year, while coaches were voting for coach of the year and coordinator of the year. Amongst those winners were Lamar Jackson for Most Valuable Player, Nick Bosa for Defensive Rookie of the year (ROY), and Kyler Murray for Offensive Rookie of the year.

Jackson, who won the MVP award, definitely deserved the award. He displayed his talent during the season as a quarterback with a rating of 113.3, and his completion percentage was one of the top in the league with 66.1. He threw the most touchdowns by a quarterback this season with 36.

He was also running the ball like a running back. He was taking hits trying to get more yardage; Jackson would not go down with a slide like most all of the quarterbacks would. He rushed for a total of 1206 yards during the season, rushing more than some of the running backs.

Offensive ROY was awarded to Arizona Cardinal’s QB Kyler Murray. Murray did an outstanding job this season with more than 3500 passing yards, but those yards fell short of wins. Murray was only able to lead the Cardinals to five wins for the season.

The player who should have won the Offensive ROY was Raiders running back Josh Jacobs. The rookie running back missed the final three games of the season with a shoulder injury, but still out performed this season. He led the rookies this year in rushes also finishing third overall with 1150 yards.

Nick Bosa of the San Francisco 49ers went home with Defensive ROY. Bosa had nine sacks in the season and forced one fumble. Bosa played a big part in the 49ers defense to help lead them to a Super Bowl.

Maxx Crosby of the Raiders deserved Defensive ROY award. He finished with 10 sacks at the end of the season. He was 4.5 sacks shy of tying for the most sacks by a rookie. His role was essential to the Raiders defense this year. Though the Raiders did not make it far this year, his role will continue to grow as they continue to rebuild their team in Las Vegas.
Nonetheless, every single player put in hard work and gave it their all this year. As future seasons unfold new players, new record breakers, and new legends will be brought into the spotlight.