Op-ed: Quarantine birthdays

Priscilla Carballo, Reporter

Quarantine has not been a fun time at all, but it especially sucks if you are quarantined on your birthday. Sadly, instead of blowing out candles the alternative to be safe was to fan out candles during quarantine.

I thought having a birthday during quarantine would suck but that’s not all true. For quarantine birthday babies it could be fun. 

For one, most don’t have any work or school. Like for me, my birthday was on a Monday but now it almost feels like a weekend. Not only were those some benefits, but you could also do some fun activities as a family, such as a family game night. 

My birthday happened to be during quarantine so my family tried to celebrate it as best they could. My mom made a cheese platter and set out juice and wine, then later we ate Chili’s, and instead of a cake we had donuts. 

The only thing that sucked was I didn’t really get to spend it with any of my friends, but I did get to spend it with my family. 

When it was time to sing happy birthday, my brother called all my cousins on a Facetime group chat, I Facetimed my best friend, and my dad Facetimed my sisters, so they could all sing happy birthday to me. Then after doing that I surprised my family with a game of birthday Kahoot and watched movies.

My favorite part about this quarantined birthday was that it made me feel more grateful for the things I have. It also made me, and my mom think out of the box when coming up with things to do. Apparently the Kahoot game was a crowd winner when it came to my family.

“It was very entertaining and funny. I loved how it brought us all together to celebrate you in a time like this,” Ashleigh, my oldest sister, said.