Social Media is an important tool in times of the pandemic

Victoria Meza, Reporter

Since its creation, social media has been the tool for everyone to get in touch with their families and friends. Social media has improved the way new and old generations can communicate, and it has been converted into an important tool to establish any kind of relationship.
Social media is an important tool; it is very useful, mostly in these times of the pandemic that has been affecting everyone since March 2020. Students have been using these platforms to set up meetings with their classmates or to be up to date when they miss a class.
Some students use social media to learn more from people that have to do with their future careers. They do so to learn about them, their techniques, and sometimes tips from them to succeed. It does not even have to be a professional with a degree. Social media is used to learn about other students’ experiences as well.
“I can hear other college students’ experiences and learn from them as well as follow people who have become psychologists which is what I want to become,” Stephanie Lopez, a BC’s psychology student, said.
According to Lopez, social media has helped her with her classes and to focus on something else besides the pandemic times that are going through.
Although social media is a massive way of communication that helps people to be connected, it has certain defects that might affect mostly students and lead them to procrastinate. Not only that, but social media can be a dangerous “place” to be in.
“If a person is not properly educated or cautious, they risk coming across dangerous people online or predators so one has to be careful and not overshare personal information,” Lopez said.
Social media can lead predators to their victims, so it is better to be careful at the time of using this tool. However, if it is used with precaution, social media is an important and interesting tool to get help. It can help students to promote themselves to earn money or to get a step forward in their careers by doing some practices when they can.
Social media has become important for these times of quarantine, giving that the students can stay up to date in their classes. Not only that, but students can talk with their professors and get help on doubts that they may have.
Social media is an essential tool in nowadays society because, without it, one would never know the latest news about what is going on in the world, and students would have several issues to keep the track of their online classes.