Tattoos have become more than just a trend

Priscilla Dauven, Photographer

By Priscilla Dauven


Tattoos are a form of expression; our bodies are like an empty canvas waiting to be turned into a beautiful masterpiece.

Many people get tattoos to represent something or someone important in their lives.

Tattoos are a beautiful form of expression that seem to be a huge trend among the younger generations nowadays.

Unless you have a tattoo, you most likely have a negative opinion on them.

 Young people are generally the ones who tattoo and pierce their bodies.

I believe they do this because they are looking for an identity, a place to fit in.

In today’s society it’s almost impossible to not see or know someone that has a tattoo.

Since a tattoo is a very permanent piece of art, removing it might be very difficult, very expensive, and very painful so one may want to seriously consider the consequences before getting a tattoo.

Some people see others with tattoos as ‘stupid’ or ‘trashy’ but they are just a statement of a moment in someone’s life.

Tattoos are very personal.

Some people consider a tattoo as a form of art, and others may see it as a mortal sin.

These days, tattoos have become a kind of popular trend.

Many people are now becoming accustomed to tattoos.

It is becoming one of those everyday things that we are used to.

As long as you make the right choice for a tattoo and take care of your body when you get them, than there is nothing wrong with them.

People who have tattoos are normally really proud of them and normally have a really interesting story to share with that tattoo.

Instead of judging people with tattoos, you should admire them.

Tattoos are a way to decorate our bodies and it’s just going to continue to become more popular as time goes on.