Spielberg, Cruise combo creates sci-fi thriller in ‘Minority Report’

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Steven Spielberg has done it again. He is known for a great variety of movies and action far better than the rest, but “Minority Report” goes even further.

“Spielberg pushes the PG-13 level as far as he could,” said Matt Keaveny, a viewer of this movie. “Minority Report” includes a brief yet explicit sexual scene, conversation about murders, a suicide, brief explicit language and intense violence (gunfighting, fist fighting and murders).

The movie takes place in 2054, with vertical highways and futuristic cars and buildings. The place: Washington, D.C.

John Anderton (Tom Cruise) plays the chief of the Department of Precrime. Precrime is a group of cops presiding over an operation by three “precogs,” humans who can see the future. The precogs can warn the cops of a murder before it even takes place. They provide the name of the perpetrator and the victim.

Anderton’s boss Burgess (Max von Sydow) starts off as a good person by protecting Anderton from Danny Witwer (Collin Farrell) of the Justice Department. Soon Burgess turns on Anderton and they find out a secret about Burgess. I’m not going to tell you. Go watch it and find out.

The plot of the movie revolves around the precogs. What they see is what Precrime solves. Although they are never wrong, we are told they do disagree sometimes. The precog that disagrees is said to hold a minority report, a record showing if the crime was going to be committed or not.

Anderton finds himself running from the Precrime unit so he decides to steal Agatha (Samantha Morton), a precog. Together they work as a team and she warns him where the Precrime are.

One part that amazed me was when Anderton and Agatha find themselves running in a mall away from the Precrime. Agatha foresees a man with a large bunch of balloons stopping right in front of them.

Agatha tells Anderton to stop, right in the middle of the mall. Anderton starts freaking out because he thinks they are going to be caught. Just as soon as the officers gets there, the man with the balloons stops right in front of them and the officers do not see them.

The timing and the wit of the sequence was just great.

Spielberg uses great technology, but doesn’t focus the entire movie around it. He focuses the movie around the story and characters and then uses all his master-minded technology as a boost for the movie.

If you like Tom Cruise but hate Spielberg, go watch this movie. If you hate Tom Cruise but like Spielberg, go watch this movie. If you hate both of them or even like both of them, go watch this movie. Trust me, you will not be let down. This movie is what it’s hyped up to be.

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