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‘Raising Helen’ raises rave reviews

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The phone rings, and just like any other time, you answer it. Boom. Your sister and brother-in-law are dead. The world around you freezes as the news hits home. It’s unbelievable.

Within a week, your carefree lifestyle has come to a screeching halt. Your sister left her three children in your care. Three kids with a woman who can hardly baby-sit? What was she thinking?

This is exactly what happens in Garry Marshall’s “Raising Helen,” starring Kate Hudson.

Helen is an executive assistant at a prestigious modeling agency, who has “a guarantee to turn agent.” She parties all night, yet still manages to keep the world of her boss in running order.

The most memorable part of “Raising Helen” was the love story between Pastor Dan (John Corbett) and Helen (Hudson.) The chemistry between Hudson and Corbett was intriguing. I could see the attraction from their first scene together. In most films, the two would have made love at their first opportunity, but in “Raising Helen” they didn’t.

I also really liked that the writers didn’t make Pastor Dan out to be a freak but neither did they make him perfect. Pastor Dan was a normal person, and that was great.

I love Kate Hudson. Every performance she has ever given has left me begging for more, so consider me biased. Even so, I must say Hudson’s performance was the best I have ever seen her give. I was completely enthralled by the story.

Not only was Hudson spectacular, but also the children, Hayden Panettiere, Spencer Breslin and Abigail Breslin, did phenomenally well. Abigail was remarkable. Given, this performance was not as good as her performance in the 2002 hit “Signs,” she still did very well. Who knew so much talent could come in such a small package?

With its sexual innuendo, and sometimes foul language, this is not a movie I would recommend for a family outing. However for a great time, this is the way to go. Ultimately, this movie was fantastic. It had me laughing out loud and silently crying. I give it an “A.”

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‘Raising Helen’ raises rave reviews