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Marcinda Coil

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With flutes, washboards and Kyle Gass, Trainwreck invited many fans at Fishlips Feb. 16.
Though not likely to be heard on radio or MTV, Trainwreck creates music in a category of its own.
The music is not mainstream. The members of the band are not mainstream.
But both the band and their music are ideal for a bar in Bakersfield. Even conservatives could enjoy themselves.
Everyone seemed to be having fun. They lined up in front of the stage providing extra light with their cell phones and taking pictures of Kyle Gass.
I believe the only reason there was a $10 cover charge was Kyle Gass.
I did not know what to expect at first. Since Gass, also known as KG, co-stars with Jack Black in “Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny,” I thought he would play ’70s inspired rock songs.
However, the band began with their “Trainwreck” song, and I could tell that the lineup was going to be interesting.
Though much of their songs are rooted into rock, I could hear country and blues inspirations as well as humor.
Train horns were a blastin’ and energy was put into their musical conquests through gestures much like Broadway actors.
The lead singer of Trainwreck would creep on his toes when the sound called for it.
He would transform into an elk when the lyrics called for it.
Though the diverse instrumentals were phenomenal, their performances topped it all off.
Gass even allowed a member of the audience to sing along into a microphone (Gass believed him to be the son of Lenny Kravitz).
Not only were their gestures much like a Broadway act, they had theme songs.
“Minor chord means pain,” said Gass as the band began the song “40 Years of Pain.”
Though the lyrics were about pain, the music made fun of it by being upbeat.
Later, they sang a song about love. According to Gass, “We all need love.”
However, another talent was introduced, which was bass player Boy Johnny, who sang the song about love.
They switched up some more by having Boy Johnny play the drums while the drummer sang.
Not only did they include originals, they also mixed up some classics such as “Takin’ Care of Business” and “Footloose” near the end of the show.
We were warned that they may run out of songs trying to close the bar.
Though they did not close the bar, it was fun.
Because I only see them playing at a bar, I do not recommend people to go out and buy a CD.
However, anyone looking to have fun and see Kyle Gass can have both at Fishlips on March 28.

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KG wrecks Bakersfield