B-52s take Bako back

Elka Wyatt

On Nov. 15, the Fox Theater in downtown Bakersfield had the setting for perhaps the most colorful concert I have ever attended: The B-52s.
Evoking the spirit of the whimsical band, some concertgoers showed up in colorful wigs, flamboyant clothing and ’60s-inspired makeup.
Casey Hibbard, who attended the concert with her husband Barry, wore a pink wig and pink false eyelashes.
“I wanted to have fun and show the B-52’s that Bakersfield loves the B-52s and knows how to have fun,” said Hibbard.
Age was no limit as old and young alike mingled in the lobby of the historic theater before the concert began.
The 88 started the show. With their unique blend of rock, jazz, R&B, funk and a little punk thrown in, these guys rocked the stage.
Boyfriend and girlfriend Gabe, 21, and Liz, 20, drove all the way from L.A. just to see The 88. They danced through the entire set while everyone else sat.
“We have been fans of The 88 for a few years now,” said Gabe.
During intermission, a long line formed at The 88’s merchandise table.
A very pleasant and approachable group of guys, they were available for autographs later on in the evening.
The B-52s, famous for hits such as “Rock Lobster” and “Love Shack” then took the stage starting with “Pump” a song from their current album “Funplex.”
Along with the music was a fabulous light show that really made you feel like you were watching a band from the ’60s.
They played old favorites like, “Mesopotamia,” “Private Idaho,” and “Planet Claire.”
Many songs performed were from their new album such as “Keep This Party Going” and “Ultraviolet.”
After leaving the stage and getting a standing ovation, they ran back out and began another short set starting with “Keep This Party Going.”
When the opening chords to “Rock Lobster” were played, the audience cheered loudly and another spectacular light show began. Lights were made to look like waves in the ocean and another, like the sun shining brightly above the water.
One fan, Wendy, 43, wore a long red/orange wig, a brightly patterned dress and go-go boots.
“My husband loves the B-52s, and I thought, “Why not go all out and have some fun with it?'” said Wendy.
Brittany Amos, 24, a hairstylist, was lucky enough to spend the day backstage styling singer Cindy Wilson’s hair.
She said that they were all very nice.
“I had a great time,” said Amos.
“It was a blast,” added her friend and co-worker, Jessica Day, 22.
At the end of the evening, people gathered, taking pictures with the guests who were garbed in their wacky getups. I overheard one woman say “We have to do this more often.” I looked at her and saw that her hair was teased high into a beehive.
I had just been thinking the same thing.