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Great food and service are found at Sea Breeze

Michael Wafford, Editor in Chief

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Sea Breeze, located on 2500 New Stine Road, serves delicious seafood in a discreet environment.

Originally opened in 1947, Sea Breeze closed its original downtown location.

Sea Breeze’s exterior is a simple blue and white building down the street from Snyder’s Cyclery. It’s easy to drive by without noticing it. The interior is simple: booths, white walls, a counter and a kitchen you can look into while your food is prepared. The restaurant was clean and, for a seafood restaurant, did not have a bad smell of fish.

The staff was also friendly, with the cook taking a break from his duties to wave to the customers. During my visits to the restaurant the only problem seemed to be that Sea Breeze only has one person working the register, so sometimes service takes a little while.

Sea Breeze offers every popular fish you could want: cod, red snapper, orange roughy, salmon and tilapia along with crustaceans such as shrimp.

The restaurant also offers more exotic dishes like frog legs or calamari, although I wasn’t feeling up to trying them out during my visits.

I purchased an order of fish and chips for about $10, with most fried meals costing between $10 and $13 and charbroiled dishes being in-between $13 and $16.  Finished about twenty-minutes after I ordered, the meal, served with french fries and shrimp with lots of sauces, was great.

Four pieces of crisp and flaky cod, six large shrimp and a ton of fried potatoes sat before me, and I was ready. Cooked fresh, the fish was breaded in corn meal, the exterior was crisp while the inside was moist and flaky. While I am not a big fan of seafood, I thoroughly enjoyed the fish.

The shrimp was plump and juicy with a crunchy skin. The only downside to the meal was the potatoes. Served crinkle-cut style the fries were bland and lacked any kind of flavor.

The meal satisfied me completely. After I was full, I looked down at my tray and saw more fish and shrimp waiting for me.

Sea Breeze also sells fresh fish. Having one of the best selections of seafood in town, Sea Breeze is also a place worth checking out if you prefer to cook for yourself.

The delicious food coupled with the variety and quality of service make Sea Breeze a great place to eat. While other restaurants draw in customers with offers of entertainment, Sea Breeze’s only attractions are its good food and service.

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Great food and service are found at Sea Breeze