River Walk Cafe makes a better pastry than sandwich

Cassandra McGowan, Reporter

I arrived at Riverwalk Café about an hour and a half late for breakfast, which was highly disappointing because I was really looking forward to a good omelet or breakfast burrito.  They stop serving breakfast at 10:30 a.m. but from the looks of the menu, it looks pretty tasty.

The café features Peets Coffee & Tea, and also offers espresso as well as grape, apple, and orange juice to accompany your breakfast (or lunch).

The women working behind the counter were smiling and friendly and seemed happy with their positions.

I sucked it up that I didn’t eat breakfast, and ordered an egg salad sandwich on sourdough with a side of potato salad and a Dr. Pepper.

I expected the usual pathetic porous thin slices of sourdough, but much to my surprise the bread was fluffy, thick, and super fresh.

The egg salad was OK, it was nothing to write home about.  It was pretty tasteless and I could really only taste relish and pepper. It was also runny, which is not appealing in an egg salad.

The woman at the register said all the bread they use comes in fresh every morning from Pyrenees French Bakery.

Some of the other sandwiches people were eating looked good, but I am not a big sandwich person to begin with.

When you order a full size sandwich it comes with a free (tiny) side, I chose the potato salad.

It was pretty good, it had a little pouch of mustard, but not in the overwhelming sense.  You can also choose Ambrosia salad, Balsamic pasta salad, coleslaw or chips.

To end a decent lunch I ordered one of the gigantic, delicious-looking cupcakes from the display case.

I got the Vanillalicious, it was divine, thick sweet frosting with sprinkles to top off the ridiculously moist cupcake itself. I would go back there just for the cupcakes.

Riverwalk Café also offers big, freshly baked cookies and slices of cake.

The prices are a little on the high side with sandwiches ranging from $6.95 to $8.95.

For my sandwich, side, drink, and cupcake the total was $12.50.

I would only go back to get a mouth-watering cupcake, but I would recommend this place to the sandwich connoisseurs of Bakersfield. Riverwalk Café is located at 9450 Stockdale Highway.