Madonna’s ‘MDNA’ lacks the punch of classic hits

Megan Luecke, Photography Editor

So many great songs and music videos come to mind when you hear the name “Madonna,” so needless to say I was rather excited when I found out that she would be releasing a new CD. A four-year break is more than enough, especially for an artist like her.

My hopes were high, but I tried to keep them in check seeing as her music has declined over the years, and with each new CD I’m less and less impressed. With guarded ears I dove into the new CD, titled “MDNA,” excited to find out she worked with two new great artists.

On the regular CD she worked with M.I.A and Nicki Minaj, both of which have quite a different sound than Madonna. I was surprised to hear the sound that came out of my speakers when “Give Me All Your Luvin’” came on. My first thought was that it was a cheer that you would hear at a football game mixed with music.

Nicki Minaj definitely brings her style to the CD and makes it more enjoyable.

Though the songs are explicit, depending on where you buy the CD, this did not stop me from enjoying it.

Madonna brought back her great dance music in the song “Some Girls.” The beat and sounds make it a piece that would make a great addition to any party.

“I Don’t Give A” took me back to the old-school Madonna sound. The beginning of the song reminded me of her previous songs, with a twist of Nicki Minaj.

The familiar sound continued with “I’m A Sinner,” but be aware, this song could easily offend. Madonna does not shy away from mentioning religion in this song, but it was not enough to make me shut off the song. I was not surprised seeing as it is Madonna.

I was hoping that this CD would be a “Ray of Light” to my music collection, but it left me wanting more.

The original Madonna pieces will always be a favorite compared to the new work.

Her new music is missing the sound that is typical of Madonna. That tempo and sound that makes you want to get off the couch and dance.

The days in which Madonna seemed to tell a story to her listeners through her music seems to have gone by the wayside in the newer songs.

I found myself trying to figure out the meaning behind several of the songs rather than just enjoying the music.

The album leaves something to be desired, and cannot touch the previous works of the outstanding Madonna.