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  • J

    johnSep 28, 2012 at 12:25 pm

    It is apparant young man that your mind was already made up going in to the theater. Please continue to get your education before writing your opinion. This perfectly made movie was not or had nothing to do with conspiracies. it was Clearly stating how Obama grew up, his motivations. his child hood influencues and his families Hate for America.
    it is sad to me you have no clue in what the film maker was showing and the respectful people he used. It is also clear you are unable to see the “Termite” action Obama Is doing to this country from WITHIN. do your readers a favor and give equal attention to say…. a Michael Moore documentary.
    Obama is not a leader !! he has done more harm in 3.75 years than the folks he complained about in 2008. good day !

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‘Obama’s America’ a weak attempt at conspiracy theories