New disappointing rap collaboration

New disappointing rap collaboration

“History: Mob Music” by E-40 and Too $hort was the more disappointing of the double album.

Ruben Perez, Reporter

E-40 and Too $hort have come together to create the double album “History: Function and Mob Music.”

With two of the biggest names in Bay Area rap, you could expect nothing less than greatness.  Unfortunately, “History” did not deliver.

I started off with “Function Music” first.  The opener, “This Shit Pound,” is your standard hyphy song.  Making money, getting high, and ladies twerking.

Unfortunately, all of the songs are like this.

The only thing that stuck out was in the song “Singles.” Too $hort says, “She pops that pussy for singles.”

Seventeen tracks, and that was the only memorable thing, even though there were appearances by Wiz Khalifa and Ice Cube on this album.

“Function Music” was nothing but 17 standard hyphy songs.

I actually had to make sure that it wasn’t the same song over and over again.

“Mob Music” was the same thing. It was just 17 more tracks about booty, drugs and fiscal irresponsibility.

This one also put more emphasis on how they are “Real OG’s.”

It really is amazing though, when you can make a double album, with 34 songs, and have them all be the same.

At some point, a producer should have suggested that they not do the same song 34 times.

Actually, there was a song about how hard it is in the hood, but that’s not really original or interesting anymore.

N.W.A. already told us how bad it is in the hood back in the late ’80s.

Almost every rapper since that has done the same.

Quite frankly, this double album was a terrible way to spend two hours.

That’s two hours that I suggest that people spend doing something better with their time, like reading a book, knitting a hat or listening to a Lil Kim album.

Seriously, her “Black Friday” mix tape wasn’t this bad.

The only redeeming factor is you can put it on at a party to have background music that won’t distract people from their conversations, and if you want, you can twerk to it, too.

Then again, you can actually do the same thing to indie music, so there really is no redeeming factor to this.

If you want a good rap album, hold off until the Talib Kweli or Wu-Block albums come out.

Otherwise you’re really going to regret it.