Dr. Phil’s ‘Life Code’ gives readers surprising insight

Robin Shin, Online Editor

Let me start this review by telling you that I have never watched a single episode of Dr. Phil’s show or even heard much about him, except in parodies where they made fun of him or he made fun of himself.   This book gave me the first impression from anything Dr. Phil related.  What was the first impression?

It was really good.  Maybe I am just very naïve or desperate for advice, but this book really helped me get a better view of life.  My life.

It’s the type of book that’s written to be interpreted differently by the readers.  If you’re like me and in need of a hand in life, this book would be helpful in one way or another.

If you don’t need help or may even be one of the BAITERs (people who are: Backstabbers, Abusers, Imposters, Takers, Exploiters and Reckless) he describes, then I suggest you give the book a try and read as much as you can.

There is even one part of the book where he calls out for the BAITERs, though I personally read some of the parts directed at me.

Everything that seemed like a flaw to a human, I took directly at myself.

I didn’t deliberately try to take all negative things he wrote in his book as an attack at myself, but I mentally took it.  I guess it’s because I personally hate myself and think very low of myself in everything I do.

As the book went on from picking out the BAITERs around you and how to handle the BAITERs, he came to a chapter where you can first love yourself, or as he called the chapter “Your New ‘Life Code’ Book.” I won’t write anything on this review of my personal problems which I came to face while reading the book, but let me just say that it really helped me evaluate myself.

I am sure some of the things he told me are some things that someone in my life had told me.  Sadly, I personally don’t like taking advice about self-esteem from non-friends, but peers around me, mostly because I think it’s all a form of pity. The book started out a bit slow, and actually I didn’t want to read the book because as of late, I’ve had troubles with anything “helping” me.

I didn’t think that a book would help me look at myself more, but I guess I really did need a hand from someone who has had way more people experience than myself.

After I had finished reading chapter one, I was hooked.  He has pages where they show examples as to making lists and categories for variety of things such as BAITERs around you, things you can do about them and many more.  I didn’t make a list, but I began to mentally take notes on this and was surprised I actually had something of a list going on in my mind.

There is a chapter in the book where parents can help their children out with the road ahead of them.  There is no downside to his advice as long as you take it in a positive way and not negative.

Sure, the book didn’t fix me up completely, but it gave me new ways to view people and situations around me. For those who are in need of a hand in getting further into your life, I suggest that you take a chance with this book.  At first, I was very skeptical about picking up the book for even a review because it was Dr. Phil, but that would be just judging a book by its cover.

Or in this case, the author.  Ignore that fact, don’t let it stop you and take a chance or as he says in his book “What you should do is suspend judgment until you know more.”