7-Eleven gets exclusive Ben & Jerry’s ice cream

7-Eleven gets exclusive Ben & Jerry’s ice cream

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Alana Garrett, Reporter

By Alana Garrett



No longer just a place to get Slurpees or Big Gulps, 7-Eleven has just received an exclusive ice cream flavor from Ben and Jerry’s. The new flavor, Nutty Caramel Swirl, is an ice cream filled with peanuts, chunks of fudge and caramel. The ice cream has a nougat taste and a nice texture.

When I took my first bite, my mouth was filled with flavors of sweet fudge, crunchy peanuts, and sweet but salty caramel.

The flavor was delicious but reminded me of a Snickers candy bar.  Every bite I took had a peanut, fudge or caramel. Finally after about my fifth bite, I got a scoop of just nougat ice cream.

The flavor wasn’t too overwhelming, but was in fact a little weak. It could have been stronger and almost seemed like an off-brand Snickers ice cream.

The peanuts in the ice cream weren’t very salty but it was the caramel that had the salty taste.  The fudge was sweet and did not have too much of a chocolaty taste.

Overall, I feel the ice cream is great for peanut and caramel lovers, but isn’t going to be able to compete with Snickers brand of ice cream.

Snickers ice cream actually has a similar taste but with a lot more flavor.

I don’t think Nutty Caramel Swirl will last long, but I think everyone should at least try the 7-Eleven exclusive while it’s still around.