‘Bioshock Infinite’ a great addition to a great series

Robin Shin

Screen Capture by

alana garrett, reporter

By Alana Garrett



Ken Levine has done it again with his new addition to the “Bioshock” series, “Bioshock Infinite.”

“Bioshock Infinite” is excellently crafted, filled with amazing graphics and has an epic, unforgettable story line.

Unlike its predecessors “Bioshock” and “Bioshock 2,” that were set in the dimly lit and dark underwater hallways of Rapture, “Bioshock Infinite” is set in the city of Colombia.

Colombia is a bright and colorful city that floats in the sky, with a wide-open world. Colombia makes the player feel as though they have a lot more freedom than in the tight closed hallways of Rapture.

At first glance, Colombia seems like a utopia in the sky, with its bright colors and happy citizens, but you learn early on that the city has been established on pre-civil war principles and ideals.

When the game begins, the year is 1912 set before the original “Bioshock,” and you take on the role of the main character of Booker Dewitt.

Dewitt is an ex-Pinkerton agent who is told he can settle his debts by bringing a young woman named Elizabeth to his employers in New York.

When Dewitt does go after Elizabeth, he finds she is locked up in a tower like a princess from some Disney movie.

Dewitt finds that Elizabeth holds some strange powers that even she can’t understand.

Along their journey, they face many obstacles including being chased by Elizabeth’s protector, Song Bird.

Song Bird is a fierce, giant, mechanical bird that was programmed to feel betrayed if Elizabeth ever left.

Dewitt and Elizabeth both try to understand her powers and escape from Colombia.

The graphics in the game are great and really shine through in first-person.

The characters seem legitimate and not your typical character with Booker having his own unique troubled past, and Elizabeth having a personality that is mature but almost childlike at times.

The enemies have unique designs and attacks that keep you on your toes.

The weapons provided in the game are excellent and allow you to deal with almost any enemy.

As you follow the story, you see the bond between Dewitt and Elizabeth grow stronger.

At times you may even find yourself growing close to the characters and cheering them on to defeat an enemy, or find a way out of their situation.

At the end of the game, I felt a sense of loss that it was over, and  felt as if I had said goodbye to two of my closest friends.

The game’s story was so well crafted I wanted to pick up my controller and start the game over again.

And for the PS3 players who miss the dark city of Rapture or Big Daddy, the PS3 version of the game included the original “Bioshock.”

“Bioshock Infinite” is a must-have for all gamers. It has a great story, deep characters, and a wonderful soundtrack, not to mention amazing graphics.

Ken Levine deserves kudos; he took his already great series and crafted it into something even better.

5 / 5 star